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What is an Inspiro Circle?
A Safe Sacred Space for you to process thoughts, feelings and emotions in and through the body in relational connection with your fellow life travellers.

Image by Bogomil Mihaylov

The circle is non-hierarchical, inclusive of all
and spirals us deeper into truth and love.

Cornerstones of all Inspiro Spaces

This is a chance for us to forge the courage it takes to meet our darkness/challenges.

We are invited to come as we are, shadow and light.

We lean into the kinship of our fellow human beings.

We are not here to transcend the body, it is our temple.

We bow in devotion and let the heart guide us.

Play is the heart that keeps the magic flowing.

Know that you will be accepting however you show up.

We remain open to be surprised and leave assumptions at the door.

Each circle arises organically to meet the group need.


Image by Mak

Inspiro Circles bring authentic human
connection back to the forefront of our lives.

They are spaces for communities to
come together in full support of one another.

The 5 Inspiro Circles
Space to speak and listen in equal measures.
hance to identify feelings, to stop hiding from what's going on inside.
Space for free-slow song, cathartic release & soul expression.
Chance to clear shame in our unique expression and be heard by one another.
Space to reconnect with our bodies, to move, shake & dance.
Chance to release stress and tension through natural primal movement.
Space for intimacy, heart-centred touch, games and connection that transcends normality.
Chance to see one another for who we truly are, to offer nourishment to one another.
Space to dive into our blockages and be held in community.
A culmination of all the other circles held with the intention for deep transformation.

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